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Churchill's Secret Spy Churchill's Secret Spy

Kirsteen Craig, a young nurse who shows her bravery during a London bombing raid, is recruited by Churchill and trained to go into Occupied France to try to locate a top British operative who has gone missing.

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A Mistake Through the Heart A Mistake Through the Heart
3rd Bram Stoker Mystery

One of the main actors at the Lyceum Theatre has fallen from the upper balcony and been killed. Accident? Suicide? Murder? It is up to theatre manager Bram Stoker and his trusted assistant, stage manager Harry Rivers, to determine which it is but fleeting glimpses of a supposed vampire hamper the investigation.

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Dead for a Spell Dead for a Spell
2nd Bram Stoker Mystery

One of the regular Lyceum actresses has disappeared and, after a disturbing tarot card reading, stage manager Harry Rivers's boss, Bram Stoker, is convinced that something wicked is coming their way.

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Cursed in the Act Cursed in the Act
1st Bram Stoker Mystery

When the star and owner of the Lyceum Theatre, Mr. Henry Irving, is poisoned, it's up to stage manager Harry Rivers to make sure the show goes on. When Irving's understudy is killed the next day, Harry's boss, Bram Stoker, becomes convinced that foul play is afoot.

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